Over 50 Life Insurance

Over 50 Life Insurance - For those who are looking for a special product in later years, you have come to the right place!

We have a wide variety of policy offers to choose from for over 50's life insurance deals being advertised and available, information about the restrictions that you need to consider when working out how to insure yourself to protect the interests of your loved ones in your family (and maybe others too!).

Our chart below lists major companies selling life insurance policies for the over 50s available on the web, for the UK market at the moment.

Offers change pretty frequently, so to see what's currently being given by insurers, selecting the 'info' button in the table below will reveal all special deals for each insurance company.

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Asda Finance Asda Over 50s Life Cover, provided by LV=, starts from just £5 a month, thatís about 17p a day. So it is an affordable way to make sure your family are not left with a financial burden when you die. You can leave your loved ones a useful cash lump sum to help towards funeral costs, help clear any unpaid bills or simply to make their lives a little easier. Show/Hide Extra Info Get a Quote
Chase Templeton Chase Templeton has a Guaranteed Over 50s Life Cover. It is an affordable way to leave the ones you love a useful cash lump sum to help them cover the cost of your funeral, help clear unpaid bills and make their life a little easier when youíre gone.

Get a quote and compare plans in minutes with their easy to use comparison tool.


All UK residents aged between 50 and 75 will be accepted


You wonít need to visit your GP and you wonít be asked any questions about your health


You decide how much you want your family to receive as a lump sum on your death


You can choose how much you want to pay each month and that premium will never increase.
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Engage Mutual Engage Mutual's over 50s life insurance gives you a choice of different plan options. Choose from a plan that offers you either:
cashback - 3 months worth of premiums after 6 months premiums paid - one which gives you a welcome gift, of either £20 M&S vouchers or a Sekonda his & hers watch set.

5% Discount for ordering online !
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